11 August



Neurim Overturned – CJEU severely restricts availability of second medical use SPCs

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled in Santen (C‑673/18) that a Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) cannot be granted for a new medical use of a previously approved active ingredient, because an SPC must be based on the first marketing authorisation (MA) to place a product on the market as a... right arrow

4 August



Apportionment of costs at oral proceedings

Oral Proceedings are a common occurrence during the opposition procedure at the European Patent Office.  Importantly, these proceedings provide the patentee and the opponent (both at first instance and at appeal) an opportunity to present arguments to the EPO in favour of either maintaining a patent, or revoking a patent.  Such proceedings can be complex... right arrow

30 July



Covid-19: IP offices status updates

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe special measures have been implemented by the EPO, EUIPO, UKIPO, DPMA and WIPO. This page summarises the information we have available about these special measures. The European Patent Office (EPO) The EPO extended all time limits expiring on or after 15 March 2020 to 2 June 2020, but... right arrow

23 July



UK confirms non-participation in the Unified Patent Court

It was recently announced that the UK has notified the European Council that it has withdrawn its ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement. This move will not come as a surprise, since the UK Government had already indicated its intent earlier in this year. Nevertheless, this is still a disappointing development in an already... right arrow

20 July



Emson v. Hozelock: Public prior use and a “mere paper proposal”

On 8 July 2020, the Court of Appeal issued its decision in the Emson v. Hozelock case ([2020] EWCA Civ 871). The two patents in question related to expanding garden hoses. The case had largely been argued on points relating to public prior use and to inventive step over a piece of prior art from... right arrow

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boult.bites TM Summer 2020

Welcome to the new look boult.bites TM. In this issue you will find the latest insights team news, and highlight news from the industry, including future webinars dates and a profile article on trade mark Partner, Rachel Conroy.

boult.bites TM Spring 2020

In this edition we introduce you to our expanded team in Germany; update you on upcoming Boult Wade Tennant events; and highlight key news and updates from the industry, including an update on Brexit.

boult.bites TM Autumn 2019

In this issue, we update you on important developments in the industry; a reversed Board of Appeal decision by the General Court; an important case for brand owners; and general updates TM team and firm updates.

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