3 May



AI inventorship: snakes and ladders at the Australian courts

Whilst the dispute continues as to who (if any) among the Artificial Intelligence (AI) “DABUS” and its creator Dr Stephen Thaler can be regarded in law as the inventor for a number of patent applications around the world, they have undoubtedly caused the generation of much legal analysis. This has been full of twists and... right arrow

11 March



China to join Hague system for International Designs

Registered design protection is an effective way of protecting a product’s market share from similar looking competing products and obtaining registered designs can significantly improve a company’s position in case a dispute arises. Each country/region has their own laws regarding design protection and their own systems for registering designs. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain... right arrow

23 February



Electronic signing of assignments

Assignment documents filed electronically may now be signed using ‘qualified electronic signatures’. Previously Previously, assignments, licences and other agreements for recordal were only accepted by the EPO if they had been executed using an original hand signature (though scanned copies were, and still are, sufficient for filing). Now At the end of last year, the... right arrow

11 February



Updates to the EPO Guidelines for Examination

The EPO have announced their upcoming amendments of the Guidelines for Examination which will enter into force on 1 March 2022. A number of notable amendments to the Guidelines are scheduled; we will follow with more detailed discussions regarding the changes to Description Amendments and Electronic Signatures of Assignments, whereas here we will look at... right arrow

14 January



UKIPO acknowledges the possibility of a Formstein defence

Ever since the Supreme Court shook up the patent landscape in the UK with their decision in Actavis v Eli Lilly there has been an open question regarding how the newly enlarged patent scope which encompasses equivalents interacted with validity and third-party certainty. Prior to Actavis, the Gillette defence or Gillette principle was often referred to.... right arrow

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BWT Boult Bite TM Magazine Spring 2021

Welcome to the Spring edition of boult.bites. Inside this issue you will find our main article: Brexit four months on, which discusses getting to grips with the changes and challenges of the UK in its post-EU landscape. You will also find: Insight articles and team news, including our staying connected staff profile on Katharina Baker, a trade mark attorney in our London office.

boult.bites TM Brexit Edition 2021

In this Brexit special edition of boult.bites TM we discuss the impact of post Brexit within the IP world. We have included a check list with key steps you should consider for rights holders.
Brexit latest including a summary of the post Brexit changes on and our Brexit news articles covering recent major changes that affect pending actions at the EUIPO before 31 December 2020, use and reputation in the UK going forward and changes to geographical indications from 1 January 2021.

boult.bites TM Autumn 2020

Welcome to the Autumn edition of boult.bites TM. In this issue, we discuss the important changes to trade mark and design rights in the UK and the steps you can take. We highlight our readiness for the new Brexit world, having full-service offices in the UK, Germany, and Spain And, we throw the spotlight on Alexander Stolz, a German Solicitor in our Berlin office.

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Be Brexit-ready with our Brexit toolkit