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3:00 PM

Practical application of EU and UK Enforcement Options

In the final webinar in the series “Policing and Enforcing your trade marks in the “new” Europe”, we look at practical solutions to infringement issues around the EU, Spain & UK, using real life scenarios. The webinar will be recorded. A copy of the recording will be sent to registrants after the event, and also be made available on our website:, where recordings of the other webinars in this series can also be found. right arrow



3:00 PM

UK and EU Administrative Enforcement Options

In the second webinar in the series we look at administrative proceedings and other steps which brand owners should consider part of their arsenal to deal with infringers as an alternative, or in tandem with, more traditional tribunal and court proceedings in the UK and the EU. right arrow



3:00 PM

UK and EU enforcement options

This webinar will provide an overview on IP enforcement in the EU and UK, considering the EU Legislation, the principal enforcement actions and the situation with IP enforcement after the end of the Brexit transition period. This webinar will be recorded. A copy of the recording will be sent to registrants after the event, and also be made available on our website: right arrow



12:30 PM

Trademark Watching Services – Why And When To Check Them

Trade mark registers are often cluttered with broad-scope earlier rights and conflicts surrounding trade marks can drain time and resources. In this webinar we will talk you through how searching and watching can help give comfort that your new mark won’t infringe someone else’s rights, and how it can be done efficiently using combination of search databases, their AI and human advice. This webinar will be recorded. A copy of the recording will be sent to registrants after the event,… right arrow



3:30 PM

What does it take to get your invention off the ground?

Join us for an exclusive webinar with Boult Wade Tennant client, Richard Browning, the daring entrepreneur and creator of the Gravity Jet Suit, who has created a multi-million pound business from a combination of dedication, innovation and entrepreneurship. Richard is Founder and Chief Test Pilot of Gravity Industries which designs, builds and flies Jet Suits, pioneering a new era of human flight. The company was founded in March 2017 to challenge the perceived boundaries in human aviation and to inspire… right arrow



1:30 PM

Trade Marks at the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office

A practitioner describes the UKIPO trade mark examination procedure. This webinar will be a high level discussion of the UKIPO approach and process from filing to registration. This webinar will be recorded. A copy of the recording will be sent to registrants after the event, and also be made available on our website: right arrow



5:00 PM

Priority: Pitfalls & Practical Points

Priority under the EPC is a complex topic. Although it is unusual for an EP Examiner to investigate whether a priority claim for a patent application is valid or not during substantive examination, the consequences of a decision that a priority claim is invalid can be huge: e.g. the loss of a patent. In this webinar, we will discuss briefly the legal framework under the EPC for assessing priority, identify possible pitfalls that can arise and also provide some practical… right arrow



7:00 PM

Improving Your Grant Rate of CII Patents In Europe

As in the US and elsewhere, it can be a challenge to obtain grant for computer-implemented invention patents before the European Patent Office (EPO). The office takes a unique approach to assessing patentability of computer-implemented inventions, with key considerations being “technical character” and “technical” solutions to “technical” problems. In this webinar, we will explore what this means for applicants, how to navigate the EPO process, and how to maximise the prospects for success with this type of patent application. right arrow



3:00 PM

Strong (UKIPO) Opinions?

This webinar will review the practicalities of the UKIPO Opinion service and strategies for adding it to your toolbox. right arrow



3:00 PM

UKIPO and EUIPO TM Appeal procedures – a practical guide

The webinar will guide you through the various stages of the proceedings before the UKIPO and EUIPO in trademark matters. right arrow



4:30 PM

Getting Your Designs Right Post-Brexit

This webinar will look at practical ways for designers to ensure that their designs are protected in the UK and the rest of the EU when the Brexit transition period ends in December 2020. right arrow



3:00 PM

Navigating UK Trade Mark oppositions post-Brexit

This webinar will provide practical advice and considerations for brand owners in filing trade mark oppositions at the UKIPO in a post Brexit landscape. right arrow



3:00 PM

Sky v SkyKick– Trademark specifications: What Must You Do Now?

Filing and enforcing trade marks in the UK and EU post-Skykick Bad faith, broad descriptions and intent to use. Do you really know what your trade mark covers? Join us for a half an hour webinar to find out. right arrow



3:00 PM

Brexit from an IP perspective

Brexit: It’s still here, in spite of the Pandemic. Join us for half an hour to hear how Brexit remains a live issue in spite of the current crisis and how as a brand owner you can protect and improve your position. right arrow