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5 December, 2023

If you’re working in or visiting Boult’s offices this year, you might notice something slightly different about the Christmas trees in our reception spaces…

That’s because they’re modular Christmas trees from Scalable Designs, a client of the firm. Founder Mike Marchant was inspired to create his own hardwood Christmas tree on a 70-year-old lathe following a family debate about replacing their tired artificial tree. The design is built to last a lifetime, bringing the sense of a real Christmas tree without all the environmental impact of a plastic one. Partner Nigel Tucker played an integral role in securing patent protection for the tree and its modular elements, covering the UK, North America, France, Germany, China and Hong Kong.

We chose the Scalable Design trees as they’re sustainable and reusable, aligning with our responsible business strategy and efforts to be environmentally friendly as a firm. The beauty of these trees over artificial trees are they can be responsibly recycled and disposed of at the end of their usefulness rather than add to landfill. We hope they’ll be gracing our offices during the festive period for years to come.

“Reducing the environmental impact of artificial Christmas trees was a key motivator for Mike, and that principle resonates with us. These trees provide a far better fit with our aims to reduce the environmental impact of our firm. They are an attractive addition to our reception areas that also provide a great opportunity to showcase an example of our client’s work to our staff and our visitors.” – Nigel Tucker, Partner

“We’ve enjoyed working with Nigel and the team at Boult to create and protect a product that could make a small difference to the planet.” – Mike Marchant, Founder, Scalable Designs