At Boult Wade Tennant we are conscious of the environmental impact and legacy we will leave for future generations as well as our responsibility to the wider community. We have an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that includes initiatives to benefit our local community, charitable organisations and promotes employee participation in such organisations.

Part of our commitment has been to create a group of volunteers from across the firm that is chaired by the Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Little. It is this group’s task to ensure we achieve the objectives we have set ourselves in the corporate responsibility strategy. Moving forward they will monitor our performance, year on year, to ensure that we are fulfilling our promises.

We have set ourselves ambitious environmental targets to help us reduce our carbon footprint and help us support businesses that share our environmental values. We aim to reduce our carbon emission by focusing on power saving technologies and increasing the efficiency of our heating, water and lighting systems.

Our patent and trade mark attorneys, at every level, are committed to offering pro bono work to a wide range of organisations. They volunteer their time and expertise to worthy causes that will benefit from their energy and IP knowledge.