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We are a people powered business. Boult Wade Tennant is made up of 200 individuals who each bring something special. Our clients choose us because of our people: for their knowledge, their skills, their technical abilities and their objectivity. Our culture reflects this and is friendly and vibrant.

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In whichever office location you’re based, you can be guaranteed that you’ll be working with interesting and rewarding clients; from companies who are already household names to ambitious start-ups and individuals who hope one day to achieve that status. In fact, as a trainee patent attorney you’ll be exposed to inventions long before they become a commercial reality. You really will be at the cutting edge of science and technology. As a trade mark trainee, your client list will include brand giants and multinational companies that you instantly recognise and whose goods and services are known the world over.

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A global approach

Our work is international in nature. As a trainee you’ll get to work with overseas clients and service providers right from the start. As your career progresses, you can be sure that you will develop friendships with like-minded attorneys around the world, build your professional networks and gain insight into a host of different national and regional practices. Whether acting for a US client before the European Patent Office or liaising with a local attorney about trade mark infringement in the Middle East, you’ll be encouraged to develop a truly international understanding of IP law. We go where our clients go. Once qualified, you may have the opportunity to travel abroad for business meetings, conferences or Oral Proceedings at the European Patent Office.

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The social side

Work needs to be somewhere you want to be. Part of the challenge as an employer is getting the right mix of challenging and stimulating work, appropriate rewards and benefits, career development and, to be honest, fun.

We have a range of sporting, networking and event based activities for you to be involved in. Whether you fancy getting to know other firms through cricket, football or softball or you prefer to launch yourself into one of our professional bodies such as CIPA’s student body: The Informals, we will support you. There are pub quizzes where you can meet attorneys from other firms, music events and of course our very own functions: the Summer Party, the Autumn Fee Earners’ Ball and various Christmas events – the list goes on. As a trainee you’ll be encouraged to get involved, to meet people and, importantly, to start building your own network of contacts within the profession.

Timothy Greenwood, Trade Mark Assistant

“Working at Boult Wade Tennant has allowed me to engage with an extensive variety of clients from around the world, ranging from small UK start-ups to multinational household names and everything in between, as well as interacting with trade mark attorneys in dozens of countries. The Trade Mark and Domain Names Group deals with every industry sector so the work is always interesting and varied. The firm gives you responsibility from day one and I have appreciated having the freedom to manage my own daily workload. At the same time, the support offered across the team, both from my UK-based colleagues and those in Germany and Spain, has meant that I have always felt included in the team and supported by everyone. Overall, the firm’s atmosphere is very friendly and I feel comfortable asking anyone for advice.”

Timothy Greenwood

A European award-winning patent and trade mark firm delivering world-class advice to enhance the commercial value of intellectual property rights globally.