25 April, 2019

Hallaw therr! Hou’s it gaun?
We’re richt gled tae see ye in Auld Reekie!

*For Scots expressions put in italics please consult the glossary

The big yin and ECTA members 15, 110 and 705 are richt gled tae see ye in Auld Reekie and wish you a’ the best and a very warm welcome to the 38th ECTA Annual Conference and to the historic city of Edinburgh (Dunn Eidann in Gaelic or Auld Reekie in Lallans or Lowland Scots), where we will try to guide you safely to “New Horizons through the Highland Haze”.

We have a number of excellent working sessions, and our social programme, which is
equally compelling, will take us to Dynamic Earth which is situated close to the Scottish Parliament buildings and Holyrood Park, in which Arthur’s Seat can be found. We will also visit one of Scotland’s finest country houses: Hopetoun House located in 6500 acres of outstanding natural Scottish beauty. If the kilt is your delight, this is where it can be shown off to best advantage.