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Vacation scheme

If you are interested in a career in IP, it’s a great idea to find out as much as you can before you apply. This is a three-day long programme and includes presentations, workshops, interactive sessions and networking opportunities.

Our aim is to give participants an insight into the IP profession, our firm, how we train and support our trainees and an opportunity to start building a relationship with the people you may work with in the future. It includes real cases and soft skills to help you develop your confidence when applying for jobs. You will have an opportunity to speak directly to current trainees, giving you an unfiltered perspective on the work we do and the firm as an employer.


You will need at least 136 UCAS points from your post-16 qualifications. You will either be in the penultimate or final year of your degree, or have graduated. You must be predicted or have obtained at least a 2:1 degree. If you are interested in becoming a patent attorney your degree must be in a STEM subject including physics, chemistry, biological sciences, engineering or maths. There are no academic subject matter restrictions for those considering the trade mark attorney profession. For international students, we will expect the equivalent national qualifications.

Vacation scheme application window: November to mid April.

Vacation scheme dates: July (the scheme takes place over three days plus you will be invited to a networking lunch held on a fourth day).

Event type: Hybrid event. Participants can choose to join us in person in the London office, join virtually or do a bit of both. All participants will be invited to a lunch at the London office on the last day of the event.

For further information, email:

Tim Greenwood
Tim Greenwood
Trade Mark Assistant London

Attending the vacation scheme – Tim Greenwood – Trade Mark Assistant

“I attended Boult’s vacation scheme in summer 2019. The scheme provides first-hand insight into the world of trade mark law, from the perspective of an active and working firm. Over the course of the week, I attended one-on-one and group sessions with Boult’s attorneys covering the trade mark registration process, contentious matters, an insight into domain name disputes and even a mock opposition hearing. The scheme showed me how varied and dynamic the profession is, and this was enhanced by the fact I spent the week in the midst of the firm at work.

By the end of the week, I had already learned a huge amount about trade mark law and practice, and it put me in an ideal position to apply for a trainee role at the firm, especially when it came to the interview. Experiencing the firm’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere during the scheme made applying an easy choice, and having met and worked with so many of the attorneys also meant that I felt settled very quickly after joining.

To summarise, the vacation scheme provides invaluable experience in the profession and is the ideal platform for launching a career at Boult. I recommend it for aspiring trade mark attorneys and patent attorneys.”

Tim Greenwood
Vacation scheme

Application tips

We see a lot of high-quality applications packed with academic qualifications and prestigious awards. What sets people apart is the way in which they choose to present themselves in their covering letter, and the way in which they link their achievements and interests to their potential to excel in the patent or trade mark profession. Those who show their personality in their covering letter increase their chances of securing a place on the scheme. We want to see authentic interest in the profession, a willingness to learn, bags of enthusiasm and excellent written communication skills.


We don’t promise a job at the end, but we will be assessing you throughout the vacation scheme. We will ask the team you work with for some feedback on how you interacted with colleagues, how you grasped key concepts and what you were like to work with. We will be using the same criteria we use to assess people wanting to be a trainee. So should you show an interest in becoming a trainee and we have a role open, we may encourage you to apply.