Boult Wade Tennant

Role: Trade Mark Assistant

October 25, 2023

Lauren Fisher

I became interested in a career in trade marks at university while studying a module on intellectual property as part of my

July 7, 2023

Saskia Caseman

My academic background is in history, but my interest in trade marks was sparked by my first role working as an IP

June 16, 2023

Shaun Anderson

I studied English at university, but was drawn to a career in trade marks by family members in the industry. After a

March 31, 2023

Tim Greenwood

After nearly four years working in translation, relating to intellectual property, I decided to pursue a more hands-on role in the field.

Salisha Baptiste

I am a Trade Mark Assistant here at Boult, having previously worked as a Paralegal with the firm. In terms of my

Nicola Ivey

My interest in intellectual property law was first piqued during my legal conversion course at university. I undertook a research project on

Laura Kusserow

During my time studying law at university, I took an intellectual property module. The diverse nature of IP law really caught my