Boult Wade Tennant

Role: Patent Attorney

January 5, 2024

Lizzie Alexander

I studied physics at university and have always enjoyed learning about new areas of science, and its applications to real world technologies.

July 7, 2023

Jay Janusz

With my background in physics, a career as a Patent Attorney feels a perfect combination of my academic work, writing acumen and

March 31, 2023

Thomas Davis

Prior to joining Boult, I completed a BSc in Biochemistry and a Master of Research (MRes) in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at

Dr Thomas Ricketts

I work across broad biotechnology and life science areas including molecular biology, genetics, immunology and therapeutics. I work in diverse pre-grant and

Dr Olga Bohuszewicz

I joined Boult after completing a PhD in Life Sciences (Biochemistry) to help innovative companies protect their technology. I work closely with

Olivia Murray

During my Masters year, I undertook a research project focusing on enzymes that play a role in antibiotic resistance. This project piqued

Michael Kahan

I enjoyed learning about science and technology during my degree but found that as it became more practical in research and design

Dr Jordan Waters

I became aware of patents as an exclusionary legal right early on, and quite probably from Dragons’ Den! That interest in patents

Dr Lucy Cunningham

I‘m a Patent Attorney, working across a wide range of technologies including everything from scientific instruments, to semiconductor devices, to electrical vehicles.

Jade Watt

During my Master’s year, I ran a science outreach project based on quadrupole ion traps. The project aimed to improve children’s engagement