Boult Wade Tennant

Role: Partner

July 12, 2023

Adrian Hayes

I am a European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney, and head of the chemical and materials group. I specialise in Oppositions

July 4, 2023

Dr Joanna Peak

I am a Partner with Boult and work with a diverse range of clients in the biotechnology and life sciences sector. My

Dr James Short

My work has a mechanical focus, but my background extends across mechanical, electrical and computing disciplines, and I am perfectly aligned to

June 29, 2023

Paul Hicks

I am privileged to work with my clients on a diverse range of technologies in the engineering and design fields. We work

March 31, 2023

Dr Rohan Setna

My specialism lies in European patent Oppositions and Appeals in chemistry, materials science and engineering. I frequently advise on revocation matters and

Dr Simon Binnie

I always loved learning about new things, living at the cutting edge of technology. Given this, it was probably inevitable that I

Dr Simon Kahn

I hold a PhD in Mobile Telecommunications, which is where my specialty lies, though I now work across a wide variety of

Dr Susi Fish

I enjoy working across a range of technologies, including aerospace, medical physics and biomedical engineering (my specialist background). I am always seeking

Tessa Bucks

I am a Partner specialising in engineering and designs, and I am responsible for Boult’s IP management software and information systems software.

Rachel Conroy

As the head of the trade mark team at Boult, I am heavily involved in client management and group management. I have