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6 June, 2023

Jo Pelly, Partner, wrote recently about the Unified Patent Court’s division of work between its Central Divisions in the article: UPC Central Divisions How will the split work between Paris and Munich?

This brought some clarity following the confusion caused by the UK leaving the EU which necessitated a redistribution of the cases originally earmarked for the London Central Division.  While this clarity helps us in the short term, further changes are now on the horizon following the latest announcement that Milan is to host a third branch of the Central Division.

The new branch of the Central Division has been agreed between the Italian, German and French governments, and now requires acceptance from the other UPC member states before being formalised. Once approved, there will need to be a further redistribution of cases in advance of its opening which is expected in around a year’s time.

The London Central Division was assigned cases relating to human necessities, chemistry, metallurgy and pharmaceuticals, but it remains to be seen if all, some or none of these cases will be transferred to the new Milan Central Division. We will of course keep you up to date as more news emerges.