Boult Wade Tennant

Group Listing: Business services management

July 7, 2023

Rachel Mitting

I am the Business Development and Marketing Director here at Boult. I’m responsible for the firm’s BD and marketing activities. My team

Sarah Russell

I am the Financial Controller at Boult, and responsible for the running of the finance team alongside our Finance Director. My role

June 16, 2023

Krzysztof Zdenkowski

I have worked in software development and database management for over 25 years. I joined Boult initially as a developer and I

Mark Watson

I joined Boult over 15 years ago, originally as a Records Manager and now work as our Director of IP Operations. IP

Dan O’Connor

I have worked in the legal IT industry for over 25 years, and joined Boult, first serving as an IT Manager and

Anna Elagina

I joined Boult as a Finance Management Assistant and, having progressed my career within our finance functions, I now serve as the

Angela McCleave

My career in HR has predominately taken place within professional services and the legal sector in particular. I joined Boult as HR

May 31, 2023

Tom Kelly

I am Facilities Manager at Boult. I have the responsibility for the buildings, facilities and receptions of our offices. I oversee a

Tracey Grenville

I manage the EP Validations team here at Boult. I re-joined the firm in 2017, having previously worked with Boult a decade

March 31, 2023

Andrew Little

I am an engineer by background, and at Boult I have had the pleasure of working with colleagues who come from similar