Boult Wade Tennant

Role: Senior Associate

January 15, 2024

Matthew Birch

I enjoy building close relationships with my clients with the aim of understanding fully their commercial goals. I provide thoughtful and creative

October 17, 2023

Sarah Le Mesurier

I am a Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) and European Patent Attorney here at Boult. My main practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting

March 31, 2023

Dr Victoria Russell

I have always loved learning how things work – I was the kind of child who took things to pieces! This interest

Ross Chapman

I joined Boult following the completion of an MPhys degree in Physics from Durham University. It was in my final year at

Dr Robert Waddingham

I’m a Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney and I advise clients across a wide range of multidisciplinary technical fields

Naomi Jenkins

After completing a law degree and particularly enjoying the IP module, I met a trade mark examiner who worked at the UKIPO

Dr Nadia Tyler-Rubinstein

Whilst finalising my PhD at Imperial College, I considered various careers that would grant me the opportunity to learn something entirely new

Joshua McFarlane

After completing my engineering Masters degree, I worked as a Software Engineer in the telecoms sector for two years. Having gained much

Malcolm Elkin

I have always enjoyed science and technology. Prior to joining Boult, I worked in an R&D department, developing technologies for fibre optic

Dr Josephine Talbot-Ponsonby

After completing a DPhil in Host Guest Chemistry, I considered career paths which could make use of my technical and language skills.