Boult Wade Tennant

Group Listing: Partners

July 12, 2023

Adrian Hayes

I am a European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney, and head of the chemical and materials group. I specialise in Oppositions

July 4, 2023

Dr Joanna Peak

I am a Partner with Boult and work with a diverse range of clients in the biotechnology and life sciences sector. My

Dr James Short

My work has a mechanical focus, but my background extends across mechanical, electrical and computing disciplines, and I am perfectly aligned to

June 29, 2023

Paul Hicks

I am privileged to work with my clients on a diverse range of technologies in the engineering and design fields. We work

March 31, 2023

Tony Pluckrose

I am a Partner at Boult and am qualified as both a Patent Attorney and a Trade Mark Attorney. My technical background

Dr Simon Binnie

I always loved learning about new things, living at the cutting edge of technology. Given this, it was probably inevitable that I

Tessa Bucks

I am a Partner specialising in engineering and designs, and I am responsible for Boult’s IP management software and information systems software.

Dr Susi Fish

I enjoy working across a range of technologies, including aerospace, medical physics and biomedical engineering (my specialist background). I am always seeking

Dr Simon Kahn

I hold a PhD in Mobile Telecommunications, which is where my specialty lies, though I now work across a wide variety of

Dr Rohan Setna

My specialism lies in European patent Oppositions and Appeals in chemistry, materials science and engineering. I frequently advise on revocation matters and