Boult Wade Tennant

Role: Partner

März 31, 2023

Dr Oliver Rutt

My practice focuses on inventions in the fields of inorganic and materials chemistry, with a particular emphasis on electronic materials, coatings, alloy

Dr Nigel Tucker

While my academic background lies in physics (I have a PhD in Surface Physics), I have spent most of my professional life

Dr Nick Widdowson

I represent clients from start-ups to household name multinationals in sectors that range from consumer electronics to heavy machinery, from Medtech to

Martyn Draper

One of the pleasures of my job is that I’m always seeing something new and get to deal with a large amount

Matthew Ridley

My work as a Partner here is very varied as, whilst I work predominantly on patents, I also handle design protection and

Matthew Spencer

My team and I work with a range of biotech and pharmaceutical clients both inside and outside of Cambridge. The majority of

Dr Michelle Pratt

I have extensive experience of portfolio management which involves managing teams of fee earners to successfully prosecute large patent portfolios in a

Neil Thomson

I specialise in providing services to corporate clients and have a diverse range of experience across multiple industries. I enjoy the challenges

Jonathan Pratt

I’m a Partner with Boult, specialising in engineering and designs. In my team we are comfortable working across the spectrum from incredibly

Marcus Sims

My academic background is in chemistry, and my cases span a wide range of chemical technologies including catalysts and pharmaceuticals. I have