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Juni 23, 2023

Proposals for reform of the EU’s SPC system.

On 27 April 2023 the European Commission published proposals concerning supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) for medicinal products and plant protection products. SPC protection

Juni 10, 2023

Special reasons? Remittals from the EPO Boards of Appeal

One of the changes to the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal (RPBA) which came into force on 1 January

Mai 11, 2023

Insights: 2023 Changes to the EPO Guidelines – Section F-IV, 3.4 – Inconsistencies

Background One of the more unique, and often debated, aspects of prosecution before the EPO is the requirement that the description and

April 26, 2023

EPO Notice regarding the 10 day rule

The EPO have published further information in a Notice in the Official Journal dated 6 March 2023 in preparation for the abolition

April 23, 2023

Return of the Big Mac: EUIPO Board of Appeal flips decision of Cancellation Division

In 2019, the EUIPO’s Cancellation Division raised some eyebrows in the trade marks world when they revoked in full the BIG MAC

März 31, 2023

New CJEU Referral requesting clarification of the term “human embryo” for patent purposes.

The patenting of inventions relating to human embryonic stem cells remains a controversial topic in Europe.

März 27, 2023


The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office issued the decision in referral G2/21 on 23 March 2023. This referral concerned the admissibility of post-published evidence in the assessment of inventive step.

März 22, 2023

EWHC 178 (IPEC) between Marks and Spencer PLC and Aldi Stores Limited.

Following an earlier dispute over a trademark relating to a certain caterpillar cake, Marks and Spencer PLC (M & S) and Aldi

März 13, 2023

Increases in the European Patent Office’s Official Fees.

The EPO are increasing their official fees on 1 April 2023. This fee increase is unusual in that the EPO has historically raised its fees every two years.

März 8, 2023

EPO Board of Appeal highlights the difficulties in establishing inventive step in machine learning cases.

A recent decision from the EPO’s Technical Boards of Appeal (T2803/18) highlights a pitfall for applicants wishing to patent systems and methods