We know that it makes business sense to get to know our clients and to build our services around their needs. For us, our service is about people, not just about IP. That means responding to you with commercial understanding as well as with technical and legal expertise.

That’s precisely why we have invested in a client feedback programme to highlight what excellent service means to our clients and how we can best respond to their changing needs. An independent agency carried out the research using the indicators that matter to our clients. The research measured our service against drivers of outstanding client service and it has, for the first time, allowed us to  benchmark ourselves accurately against others.

The answers gave us insight into what our clients want from us. Whilst there is a great deal that we are doing right, there are always areas we can improve upon. In response to the feedback, we have created a plan to ensure that we maintain and improve upon the service we offer so that we keep our reputation for delivering exceptional client care.

You may be interested in what some clients thought of us…

Q What is Boult Wade Tennant like to work with?
“I find them wonderful in terms of [building] personal relationships – I don’t find that we’re a number. I find they care about me and they care about [name of their company] – there is a dedicated resource there.”

Q How would you describe Boult Wade Tennant to a colleague or other law firm?
“They are outstanding! They’re so knowledgeable, their whole team – from attorneys to support staff – they are an amazing group of people and they are ideal to work with…I can’t say enough about them. Rarely does anything slip, ever. I’ve been working with them for nine years and I’ve had not one complaint.”

Q What would you regard as Boult Wade Tennant’s strength?
“I think their strength is in their people…[They] have a very proactive approach to managing our portfolio…very quick, very responsive…[They] take things in hand and get on with it…Tell us what we should be doing and steer us in the right direction…We feel we are safe in their hands.”

Q How does IP fit into your organisation’s overall strategic objectives?
“IP plays quite a big role in our brand development, protecting our brand, and making sure we have a right to use our name without challenge and costs. This plays a role in the sense that we have to ensure that we do all this, expansion of our brand and so on, in the most cost-effective way…and, Boult Wade Tennant are helping us with that.”

Q Would you say you feel valued by Boult Wade Tennant?
“Oh absolutely, in the way they treat me and the company in terms of the response and their advice and their professionalism, yes; I certainly do feel valued as a customer.”

Q How would you describe your most recent experience of working with Boult Wade Tennant?
“The most recent thing would be…talking about our exercise to expand the registration of our brand across more countries. I got some very comprehensive advice…I got a lot of advice about what strategy we could adopt, a few different options that were available to us.”

Q What specifically would you recommend them for?
“I would recommend them for trade mark work to all sorts of organisations and I have done!”