We understand that there are many different reasons that make it difficult to prepare for this change. For some clients the culture of the company delays the decision making process. For others clarity is needed regarding how the system will work and what the business implications are in terms of opting in or out. We understand that internal resourcing issues can delay patent audits and reviews. Clients also tell us that having the right level of expertise and understanding of the new system within the team in order to analyse and inform decision-making is difficult; as is keeping-up with Unitary Patent developments. For others a key difficulty is engaging management with the Unitary Patent issue and helping them realise its importance for the business.

We know our patent experts have the solutions to these challenges. Our experienced Patent Attorney Specialists can help you prepare for the Unitary Patent system and provide IP advice throughout. They understand it, are up-to-date on all the latest developments, can engage with the most senior business personnel and help you navigate this new area in patent law to maximise your future opportunities.