Our in-house records and renewals department uses a sophisticated case management system, called Inprotech, to monitor trade mark and patent applications from filing to grant, through opposition and pre- and post-registration of renewals. Our management system has been extensively customised within Boult Wade Tennant to capture a wealth of data, which we can provide to our clients at no extra charge. A diary module tracks due dates and deadlines and provides regular reminders of forthcoming deadlines to our attorneys and, if you wish, also to you.

The computerised renewals system is also part of our Inprotech platform. Once all the relevant data for an application for a patent, trade mark or design of an IP right is entered, Inprotech then monitors that application from filing to grant and beyond, including pre- and post-grant renewals, regardless of its jurisdiction.

Some of our clients wish to have renewal fees paid by us automatically, while others prefer to receive renewal reminders and to instruct us on a case-by-case basis. We are able to interface our electronic systems with docketing and document management systems that some clients use. We are flexible in our approach. We interface with clients’ existing systems on a daily basis and we are investigating ways where we can evolve this part of the service still further.

BoultRenew has been developed in direct response to client feedback, building upon Boult Wade Tennant’s expert understanding of trade mark and patent renewal needs. The project has been realised entirely in-house, through a collaboration between attorneys, renewals experts and software developers. We know the value and the importance of reliability when it comes to the maintenance of patents, trade marks and designs. This exciting new service, BoultRenew, allows the user to renew or abandon cases at the touch of a button.

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