Boult Wade Tennant has a wealth of experience providing both infringement opinions and validity opinions. Infringement and validity opinions can be provided on the basis of a specific patent (or design) right, or as part of, for example, a freedom-to-operate project. Freedom-to-operate projects provide an assessment, in advance of a proposed commercial launch of a product or process, of the intellectual property landscape and help to quantify the risks associated with third party’s patents and, if appropriate, designs.

A critical step in the process of preparing any infringement or a validity opinion is to thoroughly understand the technology. Our team has expertise in a broad range of technologies, so we can work directly with technical and business staff alike. The combination of technical experts and industry experience enables our firm to provide cost-effective pragmatic assessments of risk.

In protecting your intellectual property, Boult Wade Tennant is well placed to guide you on enforcement so that you enjoy the commercial exclusivity that your patents are intended to provide. Should you become aware of a possible infringement, we will advise a practical strategy for resolving the situation. Ultimately, if it is necessary to commence proceedings, you have the confidence of knowing that our IP patent attorneys are experienced in providing litigation support in patent law. We work with the best IP litigators and barristers to ensure success for our clients in the UK Courts and overseas. We will build with you a winning litigation team that will not lose sight of your commercial objectives.

Choosing the right team to handle contentious matters is crucial. If you need to defend yourself against an accusation of infringement, or if you wish to challenge the validity of a third party patent, then you need to have confidence in your attorneys with your patent protection. Boult Wade Tennant is well placed to provide the litigation support you will need. Our patent attorney specialists have active and long-standing relationships with leading barrister and solicitor firms. We have the ability to put together a winning team that will work with you to bring matters to a successful, timely and cost-effective conclusion, whether that is in the UK Courts or overseas.