Patents can stand or fall by the quality of the first patent application, so excellence in drafting has always been a key focus for us. Our specialist patent attorneys write original patent specifications for a wide range of European companies and individuals as well as for an increasing number of overseas corporations. Such a wide client base means we are adept at fitting in with the range of patent drafting approaches. Some of our clients can provide us with a detailed Invention Disclosure document, setting out the invention over several pages with detailed drawings, a summary of the known prior art and some ideas for claim scope. Other clients do not have the resources or infrastructure to provide such detail and instead look to us to work with the inventor(s) to prepare the draft patent application. We have the technical experience and flexibility to meet each client’s preferred way of working when patent drafting.

In addition to technical content and assessment of the appropriate legal scope of the patent application, our patency drafting will always take into consideration the legal requirements of jurisdictions outside Europe, and we will tailor the patent specifications accordingly. We will also address commercial considerations such as any licensing or cross-licensing strategy, and structure claims in the most appropriate manner to accommodate them. We are also able to prepare patent drawings as required, both informal for initial patent filing and formal to meet patent office requirements around the world.