18 June, 2019

17:30 – 20:30 Wednesday 26 June 2019

Life science companies are faced with increasing uncertainty and must make decisions on how to best to manage. Uncertainties and risks come from many different sources, including Financing/business, scientific/technical, people and regulatory and emerging and growing life science companies have to understand and respond to the complex environment they operate in.

Taking advantage of the Gig economy to have a flexible resource pool is part of the solution to manage uncertainties, so companies need to be good at engaging with contractors to ensure effective teamwork.

This BioWednesday follows on from the February session on ‘Business Growth and Development of Life Sciences in the Gig Economy’ and will continue the discussion on what our sector needs to accelerate the benefits of the Gig economy in the Life Science sector.

As part of the session, Kathryn Simpson Consulting Limited will be using v-wall to help facilitate. Your name and email address will be shared with Kathryn and you will receive an automated email from v-wall with a request to join the session on the day of the meeting. Your email address will be used by Kathryn Simpson Consulting Limited for this purpose only.