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1 May, 2009

On 1 May 2009, OHIM introduced its promised fee cut for CTM registrations.

The main aspects of the new fee changes are as follows:

  • There is no longer a registration fee payable at the time of registration (previously €850 for three classes).
  • There is a €150 increase in the application fee, with the new application fee being €1,050 for an application made by fax or paper, and €900 for an e-filed application.  Our policy will continue to be to e-file CTM applications whenever possible.
  • For CTM designations under the Madrid Protocol, the registration fee has been reduced to €870 (previously €1,450).

Transitional Arrangements

For pending applications, where the official letter requesting payment of registration fees issues prior to 1 May 2009, the old registration fee will be payable.  Otherwise, the new regime will apply.

It is clear that the new fee package offered for Community trade mark applications makes the CTM system even more attractive for protection of marks in the EU and will benefit small and medium sized businesses in particular.

To enquire about Boult Wade Tennant’s new fee structure introduced as a result of these changes, please contact your usual adviser