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1 November, 2008

3 December 2008 sees the opening of the sunrise period for the new .TEL domain launch.  .TEL offers an innovative new way to store communications information about your company, and Boult Wade Tennant will offer a comprehensive registration service.

What is .TEL?
.TEL is a new generic top level domain which enables companies and individuals to use the internet to provide contact and communication details, without the need to design, host or manage a website.  .TEL domains can be accessed from any internet device, including mobile phones, and could mark a sea change in communications.

A .TEL registration enables you to present your contact information directly to the public, in a standardised format.  For example, if a person were to type boultwadetennant.tel or boult.tel into an internet device, they would be directed to our contact information with instant “one click” access, instead of being directed to the Boult Wade Tennant website.

How will my customers know which .TEL domain to use?
Most companies will choose to register their company name as a .TEL domain.  However, you can also list keywords in your .TEL registration that will ensure customers can be directed to your .TEL registration when they search relevant phrases in a search engine.

Who is eligible to own a .TEL domain?
In theory anyone can own a .TEL domain registration, although the .TEL system will be subject to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) which provides a forum for trade mark disputes relating to domain names.  Accordingly, abusive registration of other people’s trade marks as .TEL domains can be prevented.

In addition, the registration of .TEL domains will occur in three phrases: sunrise, landrush and general availability.

Sunrise:  3 December 2008 to 2 February 2009.
During this period, only owners of a registered trade mark corresponding to the domain may apply to register.  With one or two exceptions, the domain should exactly match the registered trade mark.  Your usual attorney at Boult Wade Tennant can advise you regarding the best domain(s) to register for your trade marks.

Sunrise registrations are for an initial three year period, and cost $275 in official fees per domain.

Landrush:  3 February 2009 to 23 March 2009.
During this period, anyone can apply for any .TEL domain, at a premium price ($275 in official fees per domain).  Registration is for an initial three year period.

General Availability:  24 March 2009 onwards.
As the name suggests, from 24 March 2009 all domains are open for registration by anyone, on a first come first served basis.  Registrations are for an initial one year period and cost $8 in official fees per domain.

How do I apply?

Applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, within each period.  Identical applications to register the same domain will be stored in a queue, and if the first application received cannot be validated by registered trade mark rights, the next application in the queue will be considered.

If you would like to register a .TEL domain, we recommend that you contact your usual attorney as soon as possible in order to discuss the most suitable approach for you.  We recommend leaving plenty of time to have your application and supporting documentation put in order, ready to file at 15.00 GMT on 3 December 2008.