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1 January, 2012

In order to encourage licensing of new technology the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have launched a new feature whereby applicants interested in licensing inventions contained in their PCT applications can ask the International Bureau of WIPO to make this information available on its PATENTSCOPE website.

Applicants who are interested in licensing their invention(s) will be able to submit new form “Request for indication of availability for licensing purposes”, or simply send a letter indicating that the claimed invention is available for licensing. Applicants may also wish to take advantage of the availability to include further licensing terms in the notification. It will be possible to submit such licensing indications at any time from the filing of the international application until the end of the International Phase, at 30 months from priority.

In order to make it easier for potential licensees to source technology of interest, the existence of licensing indications have been added to the list of search criteria within PATENTSCOPE. Toward the bottom of the ‘structured search’ there is a tick box for Licensing Availability. One could easily search using the IPC classification for any inventions that might be of interest to them or use the information to ascertain whether an application is likely to cause a problem when conducting clearance searching.

If you would like to explore this new feature of WIPO’s database or would like any further advice please contact your usual Boult Wade Tennant advisor.