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1 August, 2010

On 1 September 2010 Israel will join the territories that can be designated via a Madrid Protocol application for the protection of trade marks. For those with existing Madrid Protocol applications or registrations Israel can be the subject of a subsequent designation in order to extend protection into this territory. In this case, the rights would date back to the date that the request for a subsequent designation was made rather than the original filing date of the Madrid Protocol application or any priority claim.

For those who are considering filing a new Madrid Protocol application this offers the opportunity to broaden the scope of protection.

Israel will have 18 months within which to examine any designations under the Madrid Protocol and raise any objections to the mark itself or the specification. If no objections are raised by the Israeli Registry during this time then the designation can proceed towards acceptance.

Based on the information available so far Israel will be charging an individual fee to be designated in a Madrid Protocol application. This is in line with other territories such as Australia and the USA. We are not yet aware of the amount that will be charged. However, most territories designated under the Madrid Protocol charge comparable fees to the cost of filing a national application and in many instances the Madrid route is more cost effective.

The addition of Israel to the contracting parties of the Madrid Protocol brings the total number up to 82.