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4 March, 2016

From 13 April 2016 the Madrid Protocol (the system used for International Trade Mark Applications) will become that little bit larger with the ability to cover the Faroe Islands by way of a designation of Denmark.

When Denmark joined the Madrid Protocol in 1995 it expressly excluded the extension of protection of an International Designation of Denmark to cover the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Although this restriction was withdrawn with respect to Greenland in 2011, the Faroe Islands were left out in the cold. The only way to secure protection in the Faroe Islands was therefore to have a national trade mark registration in Denmark – the European Community trade mark (CTM) does not extend to the Faroe Islands.

In January this year there was a further thaw as Denmark withdrew the Faroe Islands restriction. From 13 April, International Registrations designating Denmark will also cover the Faroe Islands.

If the Faroe Islands (and Greenland) are of interest to you, a cost effective method of securing protection there may be therefore to designate Denmark as part of an International Registration. If you believe this would be of interest to you, please contact us to discuss.