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15 March, 2019

Boult Wade Tennant LLP’s London team has moved to a new office location.

Salisbury Square House is a bright and flexible space offering clients and staff alike an improved working environment and new facilities.

Managing Partner, and Head of the Trade Mark and Domain Names Group, John Wallace said: “Our move to Salisbury Square House is taking place in a milestone year for the firm. We are celebrating our 125th anniversary. The flagship head office will provide enhanced collaboration facilities as well as new client entertainment spaces. We are excited about the move and anticipate that it will enable the London team to adopt improved working practices across teams.”

Senior Partner, Nick McLeish commented: “Recently, it has become clear that our offices in Gray’s Inn Road no longer meet the needs of our forward thinking and growing groups. This move allows us to introduce agile working practices which will benefit clients and staff alike. It is a new chapter in our story and it is the perfect year for this to take place.”

Our new office address is:

Salisbury Square House
8 Salisbury Square

Our office contact details will remain the same:

T: +44 (0)20 7430 7500
F:+44 (0)20 7430 7600
E: boult@boult.com

Full details of the new location, including directions, can be found here.